AOL Email Support

 AOL  mail or known as American Online is a web- based services which is a dial-up based services given to Americans which provides  features like Instant messaging, Email support services and web browser which is purchased by Netscape.
 It was established in New York and started in 1983 with a small venture named as Control Video Corporation or (CVC).  Its service was  acquired by Verizon Communications for $4.4 billion.  AOL mail services had also deal with Microsoft and acquired several tech  properties and other mobile ad-tech capabilities.

     Features of AOL mail support:

  •  Unlimited storage capacity.
  •  It provides email storage up to 1 Tb.
  •  Email attachment up to 25Mb.
  •  Spam and virus protection.
  •  Link easily with other mail service providers such hotmail, yahoo etc.
  •  It supports SSL/HTTPs after once logged-in.
  •  Spell checker.

  How AOL MAIL SUPPORT help you?

     Problem:  Password is case sensitive ?
     Solution:   AOL  email supports case sensitive. Check whether CAPS LOCK is on\off.

    Problem :  AOL mail sign in screen is missing?
     Solution :   If you are unable to see Aol mail sign in option, try following tips:
  • Restart your computer networks
  • Reset web browser
  • Clear all ache and cookies from web browser.

    Problem : Recovery fo Password?
    Solution :  This is most common problem faced by all. After entering your Aol id ,you can easily recover your password. You  can use it                          both as changing the current password or recovering the forgotten one as well.

   Problem : Email recovery in Aol mail support? 
   Solution :  This is a most common problem that sometimes accidently you deletes an important mail and after  a while you feel regret                           about what you had done. AOl mail support had a option of recovery mail which had been lost or deleted in a  some case. It                          takes a time to recover your account.

   Problem :  Problem in sending and composing mail?
    Solution :  This problem occurs when your windows operating system and installed web browser version is not compatible otherwise                             Try some of the tricks mentioned below:

  •     Restart your computer networks.
  •     Clear all history, cache, cookies and footprints.
  •     Disable all pop-up blocking software.
  •     Use a different browser.
  •     Enable or disable antivirus protection from web browser.

     Problem :  Getting an image challenge when try to send mail?
      Solution:   If you correctly insert an image in your email but still unable to send an mail. This might be another issues  in AOL mail.
                          Visit aol customer support number for more information.